Indianapolis International

Airport Frequency List

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Indianapolis International Indiana Airport and surrounding airports.

121.500 Air Emergency
123.450 Air to Air
128.750 Pre-Taxi Clearance **
257.800 Pre-Taxi Clearance *
122.950 Unicom *
124.950 Departure E. **
119.050 Departure W. **
119.500 Departure Control *
124.525 Altitude **
119.550 Low Altitude **
134.00 Low Altitude *
124.800 Low Altitude *
132.775 High Altitude **
128.375 Altitude (very busy) **
123.950 Control Tower **
120.900 Approach Control Tower **
121.100 Approach Control *
119.300 Approach *
121.050 Approach Control *
127.150 Approach E. **
124.650 Approach W. **
317.800 Approach
121.800 Ground control
120.570 Indy Center *
120.975 Indy Center *
133.205 Indy Center *
134.270 Indy Center *
135.050 Indy Center *
124.520 Indy Center *
124.770 Indy Center *
125.075 Indy Center *
128.770 Indy Center *
132.200 Indy Center *
133.050 Indy Center *
134.170 Indy Center *
148.150 Civil Air Patrol *
129.550 Comair *
129.925 Continental *
130.175 United *
131.525 ATA *
131.750 Continental *
123.00 Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport
123.050 Indianapolis Terry Airport
122.800 Eagle Creek / Boone Co Airport
122.700 Speedway Airport
122.900 Indy Post Air Airport
123.000 Indy Metro/Greenwood/Kokomo Airports
127.150 Indy Metro Airport

--- NOTES ---

** I've been able to hear both the tower and the airplanes.

* I've only been able to here the airplanes meaning that the tower could be broadcasting from another location then the Indianapolis Airport or I'm just to far from the tower to receive a signal. (I live about 20 miles away)

03-23-2002 - Added several frequencies I found I had verified.

12-02-2000 - Deleted the airport police and cleaning crew frequencies because they have moved to the Indianapolis MECA system.

I'm going to attempt to explain how to make listening to the Indianapolis airport easier to new listeners.  The Altitude frequencies are mostly for planes that are passing through the area and Indianapolis helps direct them around other air traffic or storm cells. Indianapolis also gives the planes other frequencies to turn to in order to contact either another Indianapolis frequency or another area like Chicago. A plane coming in for a landing will contact the Control tower or Approach frequencies before making a final approach.  The Control tower may direct them to the Approach Control tower frequency to look for the visual on the airport. After the visual is made, they land safely.  The different airline frequencies are used for the planes to contact the ground and request maybe a wheel chair or something like that.  I've even heard them talk about a broken door to the bathroom on the plane to let maintenance know they will need to fix it.  The Pre-taxi clearance is basically self explanatory and so is Departure.  The Air to Air channel is just like a C.B. the planes use to talk to each other, sometimes there is nothing to listen to and other times it can get very interesting.

Something else to help you out: 5,280 feet = 1 mile so a plane at 33,000 feet is 6.25 miles above the ground, scary huh???...1 knot = 1.15 mph or a plane traveling at 300 knots is traveling at 345 mph...

You can usually get the planes at a great distance because there is a straight line of sight and they are several thousand feet up, but the tower only has a range of around 25 miles on the ground if you have a good antenna. Many people can't enjoy listening to all the airport has to offer but usually there is something to listen too, at least the planes.  Listening during a time there are storms around can be exciting, just pray they will fly safely!

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