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for programming the BCD396t, BCD996t, BCD796d, BCD396XT, and BCD996XT scanners


BCD796 Files - Updated 10/06/2010

396XT and 996XT FreeScan File - Updated 7/16/2014

396t and 996t excel layout file - 11/19/2009

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07/16/2014 It has been more then a year since my last update so for some counties it may be little and others big. This file probably has a change or addition for almost every county covered in Indiana. One big one, off the top of my head, awhile back the Tippecanoe County SAFE-T system changed frequencies, those new frequencies are in this file. My file does have many outdated frequencies that I have not removed, example, the Boone County Jail, Lebanon School busses, REMC, Boone County Highway Dept. all still may use the same frequencies as before but have changed to a system (Possibly the Turbo system) that no scanner is able to decode. In my files, they are Locked Out.

05/08/2013 I've removed all references to the Uniden .usd programming of the scanners because the software will not work with rebanded systems, I now use FreeScan to program all my scanners. A new FreeScan file will be uploaded in the next few day and I will try to create a .pdf instruction file soon. I also plan to update the excel layout file.

Past update changes are listed at the bottom of this page.

I have uploaded the files I use to program the Uniden scanners. My file contains most of central Indiana and East central Illinois. The FreeScan file will work for the Uniden 396t, 396xt, 996t, and 996xt scanners, you must download and install the FreeScan program to use my files. For the 796d scanner, you must apply a firmware update, use the 796d file along with the Uniden 796d programming software. Then you must manually enter in the rebanded frequencies and rebanding tables. Right click on the links to the left and choose "save as" and save them. These are .zip files you will need to unzip before using them. The FreeScan program can be found at Please consider donating to him as he has done a great job providing this software to everyone!

If you simply want me to program your scanner with the files I have for Central Indiana and East Central Illinois, I will do it for $20.00 ($30.00 for the 796d). The 396t, 996t, and 796d take a couple hours so I ask that those scanners be dropped off and picked up when finished. The 396XT and 996XT scanners take about 20-30 minutes at my home and while you are there, I will also show you some basic functions for using your scanner. I do not have the software to program the Radio Shack or GRE scanners, just the Uniden's. For more information, email me at and we can set up a time to get your scanner programmed.

If you know of a talkgroup I don't have listed or if you have other FreeScan files to share with me, please email me and let me know at

One more note. These are programmed for the Boone County Indiana area and there are several counties that are locked out, once in your software, you can unlock these or once they are loaded into your scanner, they can be unlocked. Most everything is set for ID search, not ID Scan and all of the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) talkgroups and other misc frequencies are locked out too. Costomize to your liking and again, ENJOY!

NOTE: IF you use my files, that's great and enjoy them, BUT if you post them somewhere, please give credit where credit is due. Thanks ~ N9WP

I have been collecting frequencys for many years. Most of the frequencys and systems in these files have been tested and verified by myself. I've used old fashion scanner searches, frequency searches, FCC searches, submission by other people, and the databases at radioreference.

NOTE:There are 2 MECA-1 systems in the system files. The first one is split by agency, the second one is split up by the area (district).


Fast facts on the XT FreeScan File: 100 systems, 575 groups, 8705 talkgroups (alpha tags) and frequencies. That is 2 new systems, 20 new groups, 331 new talkgroups and frequencies from the last update on 3/11/2013. Please note that if you use the XT FreeScan file for a scanner that is not an XT, you will have to remove talkgroups and systems to make it work with the scanner. For the 396XT and 996XT, that is not necessary but the 396t and 996t it is.

I would love to fill in the rest of the counties in the state of Indiana, if you have information I don't have or files for your county, please email them to me at Thanks so much in advance!

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This page last updated: 05/2014

Update Archives:

03/11/2013 Updates - New FreeScan file. Biggest change is Vermillion County Illinois had some changes to the tones used on their frequencies for both Sheriff and Danville Police. Other changes where minor but a few talkgroups and frequencies added here and there.

02/18/2013 Updates - Over the next couple weeks, I will be updating this webpage. At the same time, I will be removing the .usd files since the Uniden software does not work with the new rebanded SAFE-T systems. If you are updating a scanner, use the FreeScan file (that file will also get updated in the next couple weeks). I will also try to write some instructions for how to use my freeScan file with the FreeScan application. If you want me to program your Uniden scanner, just send me an email, I charge 20.00 dollars for each scanner (396t, 396xt, 996t, 996xt), I charge 30.00 dollars for a 796d.

10/28/2012 Updates - Another quick update, Clinton county rebanded along with a few other counties (Tippecanoe, Fountain, Carroll, Lake, Tipton, Howard). Rebanding is taking place quickly, I will try to keep this file updated the best I can.

10/05/2012 Updates - Another quick update, Shelby county rebanded, also I fixed a problem with the rebanding tables for all the sites that have rebanded, so if you've downloaded previous updates, you want to update with this file so you hear 100% of all the transmissions.

09/21/2012 Updates - A quick update because the Boone county SAFE-T system rebanded this week. Nothing else has changed since the last update except for the frequencies in the Boone county system.

09/17/2012 Updates - This update covers many of the SAFE-T systems that have re-banded. Re-Banding is shifting frequencies down below 860mhz.

12/20/2011 Updates - It has been awhile since my last update and since it's right before Christmas, I'll give you a new XT file for maybe that new scanner sitting under the Christmas tree LOL. Lots of new things. I've added these new systems which will help those traveling North on I-65 to Chicago. 31 Carroll Conv, 59 Jasper SAFET, 68 Newton SAFET, 68 Lake Safet, and 68 Hammond Trunk. Many other systems received new talkgroups, frequencies or modifications but I really don't remember what all those were. There are 324 new talkgroups or Frequencies since the last update, many of which are in the new systems mentioned earlier.

08/03/2011 Updates - Added new systems - Monroe SAFE-T 2, Decatur SAFE-T, and Madison Conv. Added or updated talkgroups to the Clinton, Parke, Tipton, Morgan, Indy, and Madison Co SAFE-T systems. I moved Madison co conventional frequencies from Misc Indiana into it's own new system and also added some frequencies to it. Some frequencies in Clinton and Tippecanoe counties were also added. A couple of the other systems had some minor changes done to them.

05/13/2011 Updates - How about another update this week? The XT FreeScan file has been updated. If you are going to the Indianapolis Air show this weekend, I added a couple frequencies to the IN Military Air system. I also updated the Nascar system with updated driver frequencies. I also added a group in that system that contains IndyCar frequencies for the Indy 500. For Both groups, I get my frequencies from the web so they may not be 100% accurate. The Nationwide and Craftsman Truck groups in that system have not been updated.

05/10/2011 Updates - Another really good update to the XT FreeScan file. Several systems were updated. I added a new system, Monroe-SAFE-T for Monroe County. I created more groups with some of the existing systems: Tippe SAFET, Carroll SAFET, Hamilton SAFET, Morgan SAFET, Putnam SAFET, and Parke SAFET systems. Some talkgroups were added to Shelby, Hancock, and Morgan SAFE-T systems. I made sure talkgroup 5040, Flight Watch, was in all the SAFE-T systems.

04/28/2011 Updates - A very good update to the XT FreeScan file. I updated at least 11+ systems. These SAFE-T systems had talkgroups added or modified: Indy, Putnam, Parke, Vermillion, Montgomery, Johnson. Added conventional frequencies to several systems including Clinton, Montgomery, tri-county system. I also updated or added frequencies and tones to the ham radio system.

03/28/2011 Updates - Minor update to the XT FreeScan file. 4+ systems updated. Danville, IL Fire changed frequencies and their new frequency is a P25 digital channel. Added some talkgroups to the Madison Co SAFE-T systems, added a couple conventional frequencies to a couple others.

02/11/2011 Updates - I have only updated the XT FreeScan file, I haven't updated the T usd files and may not since the freescan file will work for the T scanners if some minor work is done to a couple systems that have more talkgroups then the T's can handle. Several systems were updated. Several frequencies and tones were added or updated for many of the systems along with additions or changes to talkgroups in the trunking systems. The counties or systems that saw the most updates: MECA, Indy Conventional, Montgomery, Hendricks, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Hamilton, and Boone.

(01/03/2011 Updates) - I only updated the XT FreeScan file, I haven't had a chance to update the T usd files yet. Several systems were updated. Added a new system for the Hendricks county DOC. Several frequencies and tones were added or updated for many of the systems. The counties that saw the most updates: Boone, Montgomery, Putnam, Hendricks, Indy, Vermilion county and Northern Indiana.

(11/05/2010 Updates) - 29+ systems updated. A very good update updating several systems. Added or updated talkgroups, frequencies, and tones with the biggest changes to these systems: Madison SAFE-T, Northern IN, Carrol Co, Tippecanoe Co, Montgomery Co, Hamilton Co, Clinton Co, Boone Co, JES&Sons system, and fixed a wrong freq in the 16 Cardinal LTR system. This was the last update for the Uniden .usd files used for the T scanners.

(10/06/2010 Updates) - Small update for the 396t, 996t and XT (FreeScan) files. Just cleaning up some old talkgroup ID's, added a couple to Tipton and Hamilton Co SAFET groups. In the XT (FreeScan) File, I fixed the Boone county Jail Frequency. The 796d file was updated because of so many talkgroup additions to the different systems, The 796d file had changes to the 1 Boone Co, 2 Hendricks Co, 3 Clinton Co, 4 Montgomery Co, 5 MECA 1, 6 Hamilton Co, and 7 Indy SAFE-T systems. The last update to that file was 12/15/2009 so it was time for an update.

(09/13/2010 Updates) - 22 Systems updated. Big update for many systems. I cleaned up old talkgroup ID's for Johnson county which were in several other SAFE-T sytems. added a Vigo-SAFET2 system for their additional system in Vigo County. Added or modified talkgroups in the following systems: Vigo, Clay, Parke, Clinton, Morgan, Boone, Hendricks, Indy, Johnson, Shelby, Hancock, and Hamilton. I removed the Montgomery trunk system since they have moved to the SAFE-T system. In the 396t and 996t files, I cleaned up the Boone and Hendricks SAFE-T systems since they were maxed on talkgroups and made it so more active talkgroups are defined. I renamed and changed the quick key for 70-Madison SAFET2 to 69 Madison SAFET2 so it's next to the Madison SAFET1 system.

(06/25/2010 Updates) - 4 Systems updated. Hamilton Counties EDACS trunk system rebanded so that system has been modified in the files. That's the reason for putting a new update out so quickly after I had just done one.

(06/17/2010 Updates) - 26 Systems updated, Most changes where with the Illinois Starcom21 system and fixing wrong frequencies since they've rebanded. Other additions were a few talkgroups and frequencies, nothing major on the Indiana side of things but for Illinois Starcom21 systems, it was.

(04/23/2010 Updates) - 16 Systems updated, Added 1 system (Clinton SAFET2) because a new SAFE-T tower is in Frankfort. Updated the Ham Radio system and MECA-2 system, other systems just had minor updates, frequencies, talkgroups, etc.

(03/04/2010 Updates) - 14 Systems updated, I removed the IL State Conv System and combined it with the 01 Statewide system. There were alot of frequencies added to the 12 Indy Conv system with thanks to who ever submitted them to RadioReference. Several talkgroups were added to several SAFE-T systems: Johnson, Hamilton, Indy, Shelby, Putnam and Morgan. I organized the 95 Ham Radio system and added several frequencies there. The 95 Ham Radio system is still a work in progress so it may still get updated in a future update. A big update, especially if you are in the Indianapolis or Johnson county area.

(02/17/2010 Updates) - 13 systems updated. I just added a few talkgroups and frequencies to some systems, nothing major. For the XT file, there were some groups that were turned off that I corrected.

(01/06/2010 Updates) - 22 systems updated. Most of the updates were talkgroups that were added to these SAFE-T systems: Indy, Morgan, Johnson, and Madison. Any other changes were small.

(12/15/2009 Updates) - 26 systems updated. Small update but I felt it needed to be posted. Lebanon Schools use a LTR trunk system, that has been added. I also re-arranged some frequencies and talkgroups. Montgomery county Sheriff has moved to the SAFE-T system so I added their talkgroup to area systems that it has been broadcasted on. I also updated the 796d file to add some Clinton county talkgroups and the Montgomery county talkgroups along with a couple conventional frequencies.

(11/19/2009 Update) - 17 systems updated. Added a couple talkgroups to some SAFE-T systems, added and updated some conventional frequencies, added and updated Rail Road frequencies to several counties. Added all the DNR conventional freqs I have to the Statewide system, added some groups under some systems to better seperate and organize things.

(11/19/2008) - Updated the excel spreadsheet with the layout of the scanner files and their systems, download it from the link on the right.

(10/19/2009 Update) - 14 systems updated. Added a couple PL Tones to some Frequencies in the Boone Co Conventional section, added talkgroups to these SAFE-T systems: Howard, Montgomery, Boone, Hancock, Marion (Indianapolis), Johnson, Shelby, and Clinton.

(10/01/2009 Update) - 4 systems updated. Small update but corrected some wrong frequencies and talkgroups and thought it would be worth updating here.

(09/25/2009 Update) - 20 systems updated. Added some conventional frequenies to the Boone county area. Added some talk groups to several SAFE-T systems.

(06/26/2009 Update) - 24 systems updated. Cleaned up several things, sorted some systems, added some new talkgroups and frequencies. I re-did the 87 Chicago Area file and deleted the 88 Cook Co file. The Chicago area file does not include everything in Chicago but is more as a traveling through the area kind of file. I also combined the 93 Air Show file into the 92 Mil Air file. The limit of frequencies and talkgroups for the 396t and 996t is 6000 and these files on the 996t are over that limit. So when you go to upload the file to your scanner, you will have to omit a system or two that you normally don't listen to or receive. Enjoy...

(06/17/2009 Update) - 25 systems updated. Lots of talkgroups added to the Hamilton Co Edacs trunk system. Removed the system "99 TV Audio" for 2 reasons, the 396t and 996t have a 6000 channel limit and I have now come to that limit, plus, on June 12th, 2009, analog TV transmissions were turned off and now TV is digital and the scanners are not capable of decoding the audio for TV anymore. The Tippecanoe county Motorola system has rebanded. The Uniden UASD software can not be configured for the rebanded frequencies but FreeScan is configured for it. Make sure your scanner has the latest firmware upgrade.

(05/22/2009 Update) - 7 systems updated, added a couple new talkgroups. Not a major update but did correct a couple wrong frequencies like the nation-wide Ambulance frequency, I had it originally at 154.340 and it should have been 155.340. The BCD796 file, I replaced MECA-2 with the SAFE-T Indianpolis system and added new frequencies and talkgroups.

(05/08/2009 Update) - 8 systems updated, added some frequencies and talkgroups. Also uploaded my 396XT freescan file for everyone to use. To get FreeScan go to the FreeScan webpage.

(04/26/2009 Update) - 52 systems updated so a big update, deleted many duplicates (probably close to 100), updated the 2008 Nascar frequencies to 2009, added new frequency's, talkgroups and tones, added 2 new systems to cover Madison county's SAFE-T systems (but only has the State PD Pendleton Post talkgroups programmed).

(02/15/2009 Update) - Updated 29 systems in the 396t and 996t uasd files since the update on 11/28/2008. Corrected and added talkgroups, added a couple frequencies, and added CTCSS and DCS tones to several frequencies. In the 796 file I updated talkgroups for 1 - Boone county, 5 - Indy's MECA and added some tones to frequencies.

(11/28/2008 update) - I've added an excel spreadsheet with the layout of the scanners and their systems, download from the link on the right.

(11/28/2008 update) - A large update. Moved several of the systems around and re-numbered them to make room for some LTR systems in Indianapolis I added to the usd files. Added several new talkgroups and frequencies to many systems. Updated or moved 69 systems in the 996t file. See the facts section a little further down to see just how much was updated and added.

(11/12/2008 update) - Gave this page a new look, hopefully making it easier to follow.

(10/28/2008 update) - A small update but corrected some entries, updated 11 systems, 1 new group and 15 new talkgroups/frequencies for the 396t and 996t files.

(9/01/08 update) Updated 24 systems, 188 new talkgroups, and added the Shelby County SAFET system. There were also several alpha tag changes for the new Indianapolis MECA system. I did remove a couple systems, the old MECA system which is no longer used, and I also removed the files I had for Ohio which where greatly outdated and unconfirmed.

(7/24/08 update) Updated 19 systems, not very many new talkgroups, the biggest change was that I took the new Indianapoli MECA-1 and replaced the old one. Still a really good update especially if you listen to MECA.

(6/10/08 update) Updated 26 systems, many talkgroups added and updated, added the McLean county star system in Illinois which covers the Bloomington-Normal area. The 796 file contains the new Indianapolis MECA-2 system.

(5/27/08 update) Updated 58 systems since the update on 5/08/08. Added 61 Benton Co SAFE-T system, added tons of talkgroups to the new Indianapolis MECA-1 and MECA-2 systems and I changed most of the analog frequency modulation settings from auto to FM which greatly improves VHF sound and reception.

(5/08/08 update) Updated 20 systems since the update on 4/16/08. Added the MECA-1 system. It is labeled as 10-New MECA-1 but has a quick key of 0 set up. Not all of MECA-1 is defined, as I gather more information, more talk groups will be identified. Right now the new MECA-1 is in testing and agencies should start migrating over at the end of May, 2008.

(4/16/08 update) Updated 30 systems since the update on 3/30/08. Added and fixed many talkgroup alpha tags. The MECA-2 has been changed to reflect the new system they have moved to. Not all alpha tags are defined yet but a good number of them have been identified.

(3/30/08 update) Updated 26 systems since the update on 2/27/2008. Also added a Tri-county system which covers Vermillion, Warren, Fountain, and Parke county conventional frequencies, taking them out of the Indiana Misc. system.

(2/27/08 update) Updated 26 systems since the update on 1/20/08.

(1/20/08 update) Updated 34 systems since the update on 12/24/07. Added new frequencies, talk groups and alpha tags. I also corrected many of the digital vs analog settings on the 996 files.

(12/24/07 update) I added the Illinois statewide StarCom21 digital system for some Eastern Illinois counties (StarCom21 is just like Indiana's statewide SAFE-T system (396 and 996 files only)) and updated several talkgroups and frequencies in both Illinois and Indiana.

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