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This page last updated 07/01/2014
Scanning Boone, Hendricks, and Clinton County Indiana

N9WP's scanner is scanning these Indiana agencies: (Boone Co Sheriff, Fire, EMS) (Lebanon PD, Fire) (Zionsville PD, Fire) (Clinton Co Sheriff, Fire) (Frankfort PD, Fire) (Hendricks Co Sheriff, Fire) (Brownsburg, Avon and Danville PD, Fire) (Indiana State PD - Indianapolis post). So click on the link "Listen Live Now" on the left side for the audio feed.

Your IP Address is recorded when you visit my webpage and also when you listen to the feed.

Indiana Map


07/16/2014 - After spending several hours working on the laptop that runs the feed, I'm unable to get it and the scanner feed going. Over the next several months I will be working on a remodelling project at home where the feed would be down during that time anyway, so the feed is down and I might not bring it back for many reasons. Just for stats, this is the 4th computer I've gone through running the feed (lots of time and money there), I tie up my $500 dollar scanner for the feed, the electricity of leaving a computer and the scanner on 24/7 adds up, the webpage maintenance and hosting costs for the webpage are about $120 per year. I do receive a little bit from the google ads I've placed on the site but it only covers a fraction of just the hosting fees for the webpage. There's also a lot of internet bandwidth of my home internet connection used for the feed, which slows my internet connection down. So I've got a lot of money and time into the feed that I just don't have at this time. The www.radioreference.com webpage has scanner feeds that cover a lot of the United States, including many counties in Indiana and some that covered the counties that my feed covered, I would suggest trying those feeds out. I appreciate all of the emails I received and I appologize to everyone, check back here as I may be able to bring it back in the future ~N9WP

07/01/2014 - The scanner feed is currently down with no ETA on when it will be running again.

01/27/2013 - The scanner feed may go down and unavailable due to internet connectivity issues I've been having.


The stream is transmitted from my Uniden BCD996XT base scanner, using a Radio Shack 20-176 antenna mounted outside at 20 feet in the air.

This stream has been on-line since 2006 because Boone County (Lebanon, IN) and surrounding counties are now using the motorola digital SAFE-T trunking system and a person needs a digital apco-25 capable scanner to decode and trunk these systems. There are many local ham radio operators and citizens that have not invested in one of these scanners yet. If you really enjoy the feed and have the money, I strongly suggest purchasing one of these scanners, I recommend the Uniden 996XT (Base/mobile), and 396XT (handheld) scanners (older models include the Uniden 796d, 996T, and 396T). I do have files to program these Uniden scanners for the Boone County and surrounding counties (including Indianapolis) available on my website for download HERE.

The agencies listed on this page and broadcasted from this website, have not been endorsed. The contents of this website and internet broadcast are in no way associated with the agencies being broadcasted. By listening to the information heard on the scanner stream, you are agreeing to use it for entertainment purposes only. Any misuse of this live feed can lead to criminal charges....

To the law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and other public service agencies, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication.

73's and God bless from N9WP

Send me an email and tell me what you think of the stream, have any questions or if you hear something exciting, let me know. Also email me if you are having problems connecting and listening. My email is: n9wpbrian@yahoo.com.

Additional Notes:

- NOTE: This is my scanner, my internet bandwidth, and my computer being voluntarily used for this feed. At any time, the feed may be down.

- NOTE: On special occasions, the MECA system in Indianapolis, other agencies, and or military air might be scanned. I grew up in Illinois and when conditions are good, you may also hear Vermillion Co Sheriff and Danville, IL Police.

- NOTE: There are certain channels (swat, special ops) that are not included in the feed for the safety of the officials.

- NOTE: Please disconnect from the feed if you aren't listening to it, staying connected while not listening uses up my bandwidth and keeps others from connecting.

- NOTE: The scanner could go down for different reasons. PC Crash, I want to listen to my own scanner and not through the feed, acts of God, if I'm updating the scanner or PC's and Severe weather. If the feed will be down for an extended period of time, I will try to post something on the top of this web page. Please visit this website frequently for updates and info.

- NOTE: You are more then welcome to link to any of my webpages. If you want to use any of the info listed in these pages, please send me an email asking permission. If you would like a link added to your scanner related website, please email me and it will be considered.

- Link to Listen to my audio only police scanner on-line for real-player and winamp users Here. If you use Windows Media player, try This Link or type into the player: http://n9wp.no-ip.org:8000

E-mail Me


Copyright 2013 N9WP Lebanon, IN 46052

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